The Roadside Assistance Revolution Offering Better Peace Of Mind


Not that long ago, car owners would generally detect when batteries were starting to fail, as cars became harder to start. Those warning signs have all but disappeared today as modern engines are easier to start, so a bad battery will generally perform well until it fails. It’s not unusual for an owner to park his vehicle, only to discover an hour later that his battery is completely dead.
Today’s modern automotive batteries not only provide starting power for the engine and power needed to support your vehicles accessories such as lighting and in-car entertainment.
A battery also makes up the difference in load by stabilising the alternator output between low engine speeds and when accessory load is greater at higher running speeds. This stabilising effect also protects a vehicle’s electrical system by smoothing out sudden high voltages which can damage electrical components.
So when you understand how the modern car battery works, it’s easy to understand why battery failure continues to be the #1 cause of emergency roadside assistance call outs in Australia.
Car breakdowns always seem to happen unexpectedly and can be a frustrating experience according to James, “We continue to receive feedback on the problems caused by battery related breakdowns. Many automobile club members have religiously paid membership year after year without complaint, only to be slugged $200 extra for a new battery when the battery breakdown occurs – causing many to turn away in frustration from traditional membership in search of pay as you need services, like Roadside Response”
Annualised roadside assistance membership can be quite costly with consumers paying between $100 to $400 a year for annualised Road Assist membership. That’s quite a cost when industry data reveals that, 2 out of 3 people won’t actually use it.
No one likes to pay for a service that they don’t use, so it’s no wonder consumers are seeking out alternative ‘pay as you go’ providers, such as Roadside Response.
James recognises this need “We wanted to provide our consumers with increased peace of mind when that battery or breakdown situation occurs. You don’t need to be a member, saving you hundreds of dollars a year and we only charge you for the cost of the battery – delivery and installation is included.”
Alongside reliability peace of mind is the key consideration of roadside assistance consumers and Roadside Response are ensuring that consumers can depend on them to deliver.
We wanted to revolutionise the Roadside Assistance space by giving further piece of mind to consumers who purchase a new car battery. That’s why we provide complimentary nationwide roadside assistance cover for the first 6 months, after a new battery purchase.
So if a driver accidently leaves there lights on or locks their keys in the car or maybe runs out of fuel…their next Roadside Assistance call out is covered free of charge by their battery.” James said.
So it seems that the modern car battery does even more than start your car and protect your vehicles electrical systems, it now gives you nationwide Roadside Assistance! Well it does if you bought your battery from Roadside Response. It does beg the question, why would you buy your next car battery from anyone else?
Written by James Nicholls-Easley | General Manager of Roadside Response