Quickly charge all your smart devices with the Wyrex Wireless Fast Charger

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Wyrex wired-free charging station is designed to wirelessly charge up to four Qi-enabled gadgets at a time. Suitable each for iOS and Android gadgets. Using a magnetic-induction tech, Wyrex works with all Qi-well suited gadgets. The pad consists of 4 speedy charging coils for phones. It also affords one coil for smartwatches and one for earphones. This feature allows you to charge phones, an Apple Watch, and your AirPods abruptly. Moreover, the four fast-charging 10W coils power your gadgets as much as 33% faster than wellknown wireless chargers. The multi-coil pad offers extra charging space, making sure that your device is usually connected and equipped to use. Furthermore, you can use Kickstand mode to preserve using your devices as they charge. Taking up minimal area in any position, the Wyrex pad turns charging ordinary right into a comfortable and effective method.

Wyrex Qi Wireless Charging Station Design

The Wyrex is a superbly designed and versatile wired-free charger that measures 9.2 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches and weighs 5.3 oz. As we will see from the snap shots, this wireless charging stand sports a minimalistic and elegant appearance design. The solid black matte finish outdoors and compact design lets in it to decently live on any floor in your house.

Wyrex Qi Wireless Charging Station Features

The wireless charging station is dedicatedly designed on your Qi-enabled cellular gadgets in an effort to absolutely cast off any trouble from those tangled cables in your table. Moreover, its multi-coil charging system provides 30W total output and supports as much as 10W output for single device, so that you can use it to wirelessly charge four gadgets at one time. The seamlessly incorporated Apple Watch stand maintains the Watch in Nightstand mode in the course of charging, and a special small area may be used to charge low-power gadgets like AirPods. Further, its integrated stand is foldable, so it no longer handiest maintains your gadgets upright during charging, however also serves as a horizontal wireless charging pad, or you may also effortlessly positioned it into your bag for any ride.

Wyrex Qi Wireless Charging Station Price

The team behind Wyrex is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $69 to preorder the wireless charging station. It will be shipped in December 2018.