LunaR Solar Powered Smartwatch Delivers Infinite Battery Life

Solar-powered watches are not anything new, however being extra strength-hungry beasts, sun-powered smartwatches are a specific story. A San Francisco-based startup known as LunaR now claims to have bridged the divide by developing a smartwatch that in no way desires to be plugged in for a recharge because it attracts all of the energy it […
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Quark Waterproof Action Camera Stabilizer Lets You Record Smooth Videos

Noir remember has introduced QUARK, the world’s smallest water-proof stabiliser for GoPro and other action cameras. It’s miles exceptional to think about it as an extension of the GoPro because it has been designed to live on the digicam even while you aren’t using it. Best for video makers and movement recreation lovers, QUARK is [&helli
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Belkin Has Unveiled BOOST UP, Its Latest Qi 7.5W Wireless Charging Pad

Now that Apple is all at once fanatic to wired-free phone charging, iPhone-orientated charging pads are coming out of the woodwork: Belkin and Mophie have announced their personal peripherals, the boost up and wireless Charging Base. Each use Qi to pinnacle up your iPhone 8 or iPhone X minus wires, offering up to 7.5W whether […]
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Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard Uses Bluetooth Technology

Logitech has unveiled a completely exciting flagship wireless keyboard that need to snatch the eye of individuals who do video editing and web or photos design. referred to as the Craft, it has a “creative enter dial” established within the pinnacle left part of the keyboard. That helps you to do picture adjustment in apps […]
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I-Ride’s compact design and lengthy range offer great convenience

For city commuters, the slowest part of visiting is getting via the city blocks. Regardless of how fast the educate or automobile, the last few blocks are slowed to a crawl when strolling in the city. To speed things up, compact transportation like an I-Ride electric skateboard offers a better opportunity. I-ride compact electric skateboard [&helli
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Nokia 6 Arte Black Variant Makes Its Way To US

Nokia 6 Arte Black
HMD Global – the Finnish company that has a license to manufacture Nokia handset recently has launched many smartphones. Now the company has announced the color variant of its latest smartphone for the United States customers known as the Nokia 6 Arte Black. This is a special edition model, however, the smartphone already announced at […]
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Razer Blade Stealth Laptop Update Brings Quad-core Eight Generation Processor

Razer Blade Stealth Laptop Specs
Back in June, the renowned and world-leading PC and laptop manufacturing company has updated its Blade Stealth laptop. And now the company is back with another Razer Blade Stealth Laptop update that brings Intel eight generation quad-core i7 processor.   The company said that the eight generation processor is the Intel i7-8550U, which is havin
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Serpent-C and -W Electric Skateboards are designed for Urban Transportation

Kuickwheel a team of developers based in San Francisco California, have created a brand new range of e-skateboards inside the form of the SERPENT series which consists of the SERPENT-C and SERPENT-W. The SERPENT-C is the smallest and lightest e-skateboard presently to be had from the company even as the larger SERPENT-W gives extra stability, [&hel
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ZTE Nubia Z17S Smartphone Features, Specs & Price

ZTE Nubia Z17S
The ZTE Nubia Z17S Smartphone has been the subject of a handful of leaks and rumors so far, with the latest one revealing the handset’s design through press renders. Now, Nubia – the smartphone manufacturing company has finally put all the leaks and rumors of its latest flagship phone to rest. The ZTE Nubia Z17S […]
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Samsung is adding a lot of new features to its Gear S3 smartwatch

Gear S3 Classic
With all of the fanfare and hype surround the imminent launch of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, Samsung’s pinnacle of the line smartwatches, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 classic are quietly receiving an upgrade. This update might convey new functions and upgrades to each equipment S3 Frontier and Classic. The Gear S3 fun
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