Ninox FlatLay camping hammock gives you a comfortable surface when you sleep on your back

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Traditional camping hammocks are designed to provide a utilitarian spot to rest and little greater, however the Ninox FlatLay Hammock objectives to trade this with a layout that is designed with comfort in mind.

Boasting a compact layout that can be seamlessly packed into your existing luggage, the hammock is designed to allow customers lay and rest in anything role they desire. this could come as welcome news to folks who continuously toss and turn in the night time to feel much less inhibited by their gear while taking part in time exterior.

The Ninox FlatLay Hammock has a knotless layout, incorporated Ridgeline, waterproof sleeves and lots extra that make it an effective option for avid campers to combine into their roster of tools.

Ninox FlatLay Camping Hammock Design

The Ninox is an modern and relaxed camping hammock that weighs 618g. whilst set up, the hammock measures 3.35m long through 1.75m huge through 2.69-2.82m excessive, and it’s succesful to load up to 159kg. Whilst not in use, the Ninox can be saved in a custom carry bag that measures 38cm long by using 12cm wide, so you can resultseasily take it with you for any outside adventure.

Ninox FlatLay Camping Hammock Features

The Ninox camping hammock is constructed with a custom 3-D Teslon3 material with proprietary wave formed styles which continually lets in you to put flat whether or not you sleep to your lower back, aspect, or belly. Furthermore, the Teflon finish is scent, stain, climate and UV resistant, and its knotless design lets in you to without problems installation the hammock in 60 seconds or less. Furthermore, a removable 15D nano mesh protects you from bugs even as preserving breathable and breezy. An included organizer keeps some small objects at the hammock for easy storage and get access to, and an non-obligatory fly may be set above the hammock to protect you from rain.

Ninox FlatLay Camping Hammock Price

The team behind Ninox is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $159 to preorder the camping hammock. It will be shipped in April 2019.