Mobius Bluetooth gaming headphones bring you an immersive 3D environment

Mobius 3D Audio
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Acclaimed headphone manufacturer Audeze is throwing everything but the kitchen sink into an upcoming gaming headset, Mobius. Announced, at las vegas tech convention, the new over-ears will feature the company’s signature planar magnetic drivers — which rely on a micro-thin membrane to create more accurate representations of sound than more typical piston-style speaker drivers — as well as a myriad of other technology, aiming to bring a level of detail and realism to gaming that has previously been unmatched.

At the heart of the new Mobius headphones is an advanced 3D-room emulation, head-tracking software, and surround sound support, which allows the headphones to create immersive audio environments while in games. This combination should help gamers hear when an opponent is sneaking up behind them, as well as to really feel like they are inside the games they are playing — whether in sports stadiums, race cars, or first-person shooters.

Mobius 3D Audio Bluetooth Gaming Headphones Design

The Mobius is a pair of high-performance Bluetooth gaming headphones that weighs 350g. As we can see from the images, the headset shows off a sleek and stylish appearance design, and using the lightweight design, contoured memory foam ear pads, an adjustable, durable memory foam padded headband, the headphones deliver a comfortable wearing experience.

Mobius 3D Audio

Mobius 3D Audio Bluetooth Gaming Headphones Features

The gaming headphones come equipped with planar magnetic drivers optimized for spatial audio in order to produce pure, spacious and highly detailed sound. More importantly, the gaming headset features advanced 3D sound emulation algorithm that uses 6-axis (quaternion) tracking with 3-axial accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, and integrated head tracking allows Mobius to track the thinnest movements of your head 1000 times a second, so it’s powerful enough to deliver fully immersive and accurate 3D cinematic audio.

Moreover, Mobius comes with a flexible and detachable boom microphone with built-in noise attenuation and mute/unmute functionality, so you will alway receive clear voice from your team. Using USB, USB-C or auxiliary connections, the headset works with various devices, and built-in Bluetooth module allows it to works as a pair of Bluetooth headphones. In addition, built-in rechargeable battery offers over 10 hours of playback with 3D audio enabled.

Mobius 3D Audio Bluetooth Gaming Headphones Price

The team behind Mobius is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $269 to preorder the Bluetooth enabled 3D gaming headphones. The Mobius will be shipped in July 2018.