LunaR Solar Powered Smartwatch Delivers Infinite Battery Life

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Solar-powered watches are not anything new, however being extra strength-hungry beasts, sun-powered smartwatches are a specific story. A San Francisco-based startup known as LunaR now claims to have bridged the divide by developing a smartwatch that in no way desires to be plugged in for a recharge because it attracts all of the energy it desires from the solar. Lunar isn’t the first hybrid smartwatch to try to remedy the battery hassle, either: a agency known as Sequent took a stab at it on Kickstarter earlier this year using kinetic charging, too.

LunaR Solar Powered Smartwatch Design

The LunaR is an modern and nicely-designed sun powered smartwatch. The watch case measures 41mm diameter by means of 13.3mm thick, and as proven within the photographs, the smart wearable functions a classic rounded watch layout, and the 316L chrome steel case now not most effective supplies a long lasting construction, however additionally shows off minimal style and elegant aesthetics. In the meantime, non-obligatory knit and leather-based straps permit it to satisfy exclusive non-public choices.


LunaR Solar Powered Smartwatch Features

The LunaR smartwatch features a completely unique obvious sun panel that can harvest sufficient energy from each natural and artificial light for you to deliver infinite battery life, so you don’t must connect it with a cable for charging like Apple Watch or different smartwatches.

The solar powered smartwatch makes use of Bluetooth tech to talk together with your phone. Its integrated LED array and vibration tech offer you discreet, at-a-look reminds when you acquire calls, texts, and app notifications. Furthermore, the usage of integrated accelerometer the smartwatch serves as a health tracker that tracks your each day pastime and enables you maintain shifting for a more wholesome way of life. It also tracks your deep sleep, light sleep and time unsleeping, and intuitive records lets you apprehend the way to optimize your sleep habits.


Moreover, the solar powered smartwatch also features dual time zone display on the dial using its hands and LED array. The sunrise and sunset tracking helps you maximize your daylight hours and monitor light-centric activities. In addition, it meets 5ATM water resistant standards, which means you can go swimming with the smartwatch.

LunaR Solar Powered Smartwatch Price

The team behind LunaR is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. You can pledge $99.99 to preorder the solar powered smartwatch. It is expected to be shipped in December this year.