iLuv has just announced its new Rainbow8 light bulbs

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iLuv announced its first Apple HomeKit certified device called the “Rainbow8,” an IoT connected smart lightbulb system that includes Siri compatibility and Wi-Fi connectivity so users can interact with their lights from an iPhone or iPad. One of the distinctions between Rainbow8 and Philips Hue is that iLuv’s product would not require a principal, router-connected hub.

This makes them a brilliant choice for beginners to HomeKit who want to dabble in home automation without having to fear about plugging in boxes or buying device they will now not come to be using. WiFi HomeKit accessories additionally tend to be extra dependable and faster to respond than Bluetooth-primarily based add-ons, that is a nice bonus point for the Rainbow8 bulbs as most hub-much less HomeKit accessories we see use Bluetooth to communicate.


To get started the enterprise said that “all you need to do is virtually plug in,” and Rainbow8 will search for a close-by cellphone with the organisation’s app. As soon as it is set up, customers can installation schedules and geo-fences that spark off and deactivate primarily based on their region. custom lighting scenes may be created and with the addition of HomeKit help, users can ask Siri to show them on and off.

The Rainbow8 Multicolor Smart LED light Bulb are rated with a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours and might show more than 16 million colors. iLuv says it’s far brighter but more power green than a everyday 60 watt equal light bulb.

In case you buy these and later decide you need to invest into the Philips Hue or Lutron Caseta ecosystems, for example, the beauty of HomeKit is that the whole thing will integrate collectively properly. One of the huge selling points of HomeKit is that it’s far designed to working nicely with houses that have add-ons from many exclusive manufacturers.

iLuv’s Rainbow8 smart bulb is available for $49.99 from Amazon, “and other select retailers,” beginning today. At the time of writing, only 10 of the bulbs were left in stock on Amazon’s U.S. Store.