I-Ride’s compact design and lengthy range offer great convenience


For city commuters, the slowest part of visiting is getting via the city blocks. Regardless of how fast the educate or automobile, the last few blocks are slowed to a crawl when strolling in the city. To speed things up, compact transportation like an I-Ride electric skateboard offers a better opportunity. I-ride compact electric skateboard fits for your backpack, so you can enjoy skateboarding on every occasion you want.

I-Ride Compact Electric Skateboard Design

The I-Ride is an lower priced, advanced and portable electric powered skateboard that measures 20 x 8.5 inches and weighs much less 12 lbs. As we will see from the photos, the eSkateboard shows off an ultra portable and light-weight design. You even can put it into your backpack for public transportation. In the meantime, the aluminum body now not simplest can provide a durable construction with a current aesthetic style, but additionally offers a strong using enjoy.


I-Ride Compact Electric Skateboard Features

The I-Ride compact eSkateboard comes geared up with an in-wheel hub motor and integrated rechargeable battery that permit it to offer a pinnacle pace of 12mph and up to 20 miles of driving variety, and it’s capable of project 10-degree uphills. Moreover, there is an progressed model named I-Ride pro to be had. The pro version features dual hub motor layout with integrated rechargeable battery so as to supply each rider a pinnacle pace of 20 mph and up to 20 mile range.

Furthermore, the pro model is robust enough to handle up yo 20-degree uphills, and compared with I-Ride’s most load of 250 lbs, the I-Ride Pro helps up to 280 lbs. Further, the compact electric skateboard may be managed using a custom remote that grants a easy and intuitive control experience.

I-Ride Compact Electric Skateboard Price

The team at the back of I-Ride is elevating fund through the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. we can pledge $399/$599 to preorder the compact electric powered skateboard or its Pro model. Both models might be shipped in January next year if reaching their fund aim.