Fiio M7 High Resolution Music Player has a stylish, blocky design

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At the same time as most people are high-quality popping in a couple of earbuds and listening to our favourite jams from our smartphones, audiophiles and different music fanatics are constantly seeking out new methods to enjoy their media. These days FiiO has brought a brand new excessive-quit audio participant to market, which packs USB-C among different excessive-quit features sure to draw in those searching out an accelerated music revel in.

The Chinese audio corporation has lengthy been a well-known name in the excessive-cease audio space, having released a selection of gadgets and headphones over the years. These days FiiO is formally introducing the M7, its newest Hi-Fi audio player.

Fiio M7 High Resolution Music Player Features

Fiio announced the M7 today, announcing its present day version can play lossless audio files and, oddly enough, FM radio. The tool has 2GB of integrated storage, however customers can enlarge that with as much as a 512GB microSD card. The display is a modest 3.2-inch touchscreen with a 480 x 800 resolution, which is flawlessly adequate for a tool committed to playing audio.

In line with Fiio, the M7 capabilities a Samsung Exynos 7270 SoC, as well as an ESS Sabre 9018 chip and PCB tech. The player supports LDAC and aptX-HD formats, USB audio digital output, and has up to a 20-hour runtime in keeping with charge; battery standby is terrific with as much as 40 days on a single charge.

Of route, the Fiio M7 additionally capabilities a USB-C port (similarly to a 3.5mm), which is the large difference over the maker’s preceding high-res audio players. Thanks to this feature, the M7 doesn’t have many competitors, even though that’ll no question exchange over time as extra human beings transition to digital audio.

Fiio M7 High Resolution Music Player Price

The latest addition to FiiO’s high-end audio lineup launches with a $200 list price. In terms of the company’s other offerings, the M7 enters at a midrange price with appropriate specs for its going rate. It is currently available for purchase through FiiO’s authorized retailers.

It’s definitely on the more affordable end as far as Hi-Fi media players go, but it’ll be a hard sell for anyone who relies on Apple Music, Spotify or other streaming services. Those looking to enjoy high-end audio on the go are sure to appreciate FiiO’s latest, but I think I’ll stick to my iPhone and AirPods for now.