Change the way you interact with the world using the Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard

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Drumming your palms on your table might not be a sign of boredom, with the Tap wearable keyboard and mouse promising a surreptitious way of typing on a phone or tablet. The machine, into which your arms slot, turns text access into chording, measuring the movement of your fingers and translating them into textual content or navigation commands.

Tapping with each finger will see a character or number appear at the display, and it’s viable to punctuate and insert unique characters the use of unique gestures. While Tap structures, the corporation at the back of the Tap Strap, hasn’t stated exactly how it works, a Bloomberg record says a single tap from each of your 5 fingers translates into a vowel, and combinations add consonants.

Tap Strap Bluetooth Wearable Keyboard Features

The beauty of this keyboard lies within the fact that it could flip some thing you may contact into a typing surface. In other words, tap transforms the tactile world into a keyboard. You just need to create your tap account, download the Tap apps and begin Tapping. Moreover, the tap Strap has a chain of embedded sensors which screen mechanical information of the hand and fingers. An MCU within the Strap then strategies the data, which decodes the raw statistics into finger tap combos and transmits the resulting characters or instructions through a Bluetooth radio. Tap is well suited with any Bluetooth device that supports the HID Keyboard general. This includes iOS and Android phones and tablets, Window and Mac computer systems, and most smart TVs.

Battery life is up to 8 hours, and the charging case has a battery of its own. That can fully recharge the wearable keyboard up to 8 times. Three sizes – large, medium, and small – are available. Eventually, Tap plans to make the keyboard programmable, too.

Tap Strap Bluetooth Wearable Keyboard Price

Tap was opened up to preorders back in November last year, and has begun shipping now. The company says it expects to have all preorders satisfied within the next week or so. New orders, meanwhile, are being taken now, priced at $149.99.