Bullet 02 LED flashlight can be easily attached to your keychain

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Slughaus has back again on Kickstarter to launch their latest ultra compact flashlight within the form of the BULLET 2, which is marketed as the arena’s smallest flashlight, and builds at the preceding model which turned into also funded efficiently through Kickstarter.

As you can see from the image below the tiny flashlight can be used for emergencies and easily carried on a keychain or attached to a zipper. The development team behind the BULLET flashlight explain more about their second-generation device.

Bullet 02 Ultra Compact LED Flashlight Design

The Bullet 02 is a fantastically designed and practical LED flashlight that measures 26mm long by 10.5mm huge and weighs five grams. Compared with standard Bullet LED flashlight, the new Bullet 02 having compact and light-weight layout, and it follows the unique bullet-like shape element which can provide sleek contours and minimal detailing.

Meanwhile, its casing is made of top rate plane grade aluminum alloy with an anodized treatment a good way to supply an ultra durable creation, and the LED flashlight is water resistant so you can use it underwater for up to 5 minutes.

Furthermore, the LED flashlight comes equipped with a premium LED bulb that’s shatter-resistant and lasts over 150,000 hours, and it casts 20 lumen of brightness in order to provide emergent illumination wherever you’re. Moreover, changeable design allows you to change its LED bulb with ease.

In addition, using three replaceable LR41 batteries, the LED flashlight lasts 18 hours of use. Simply twist the tiny body to turn it on/off, and its 180 degree rotation is spring locked for secure on/off operation.

Bullet 02 Ultra Compact LED Flashlight Price

The crowdfunding campaign for Bullet 02 is ongoing on Kickstarter. Pledging $10 will let you own the tiny LED flashlight. It will be shipped in November 2017 (estimated).