Bibene folding electric scooter fits for short distance urban transportation The BIBENE

Bibene Folding Electric Scooter

Feel like an elite soldier as you journey at light pace on this BIBENE electric powered Scooter. With merely a 250W motor, BIBENE scooter can gain 10 MPH for a median adult. This is lots of strength in an impressively small package. The BIBENE scooter ensures your protection from the start to the end of every ride. Also check out, EcoReco M5 E-scooter launched at technical conferences 2017.

Bibene Folding Electric Scooter Design

That is a nicely-designed and budget friendly foldable electric powered scooter that measures 39 x 36 x 14.5 inches and weighs 20 lbs. While folded, it measures 39 x 14.5 x 6.25 inches. As shown within the pictures, the eScooter sports a minimal and smooth appearance layout, and the lightweight and foldable layout lets in you to deliver it up on public transport effortlessly, so it’s appropriate for urban commuters.

Bibene Folding Electric Scooter

Bibene Folding Electric Scooter Features

The folding electric scooter comes equipped with a 250W hub motor that delivers a top speed of 10mph and permits it to go up to 12-degree uphills. The 24V UL certified lithium battery is stored in the front steering tube for better dissipation, which offers three hour using time on a full single charge. Two all-terrain aluminum alloy wheels fits for diverse terrains.

Furthermore, its ultra skinny desk is crafted from carbon fiber, so it’s strong enough to assist a max load of 240 lbs, and the leaf-shaped design permits it to act as an integrated suspension for a smooth driving experience. Similarly, an integrated LCD display shows you the fame of your eScooter.

Bibene Folding Electric Scooter Price

The folding electric scooter is priced at $259.99 USD. If you are still interested in this new folding electric Scooter and want it, so get grab it, jump to Amazon for its more details.