Autowit Fresh portable air purifier is designed to deliver fresh and clean air

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier
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Air filtration home equipment are gaining popularity as clients spend an growing amount of their lifestyle interior, which is seeing new options like the AUTOWIT fresh come about. Proposing a very portable layout, the air cleanser can be used inside the vehicle, at the workplace or in your own home to immediately freshen the air that surrounds you. The HEPA Fold tilter will seize 99 % of pollen and allergens, even as a charcoal clear out removes odors and an ionizer releases bad ions to ensure the air is as fresh as feasible.

The AUTOWIT clean air purifier can also be used with aroma pads that may be used together with your desire of essential oil to add a fragrance to a space to useful resource with strain reduction or to invigorate your temper.

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier Design

The Fresh is a beautifully designed and flexible air purifier that measures 3 x 3 x 8 inches and weighs 14.9 ounces. As we can see from the images, the purifier shows off a smooth and elegant appearance design, and the CNC air inlet case not only features excellent venting performance, but also complements to the sleek design. Meanwhile, the compact cylindrical body allows you to use it in your room or car.

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier Features

The portable air purifier comes equipped with a multi-layer filter system. The nano silver filter captures most of floccus, hair, dust, and scrap, and a HEPA Fold filter removes 99% of PM2.5, pollen, and allergens, while a charcoal filter helps reduce odors from pets, cigarette or cooking. Furthermore, using built-in ionizer, the air purifier can produce up to 8 million negative ions PCS/cm in order to offer you clean and health air.

Moreover, you can also apply extra essential oil aroma diffuser refill pads to the air purifier, adding your favorite fragrance in the air. The Fresh comes with three modes: silent mode, auto made, and high-speed mode, and built-in LED indicator shows you the status of the air quality around you in real time.

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier Price

The Fresh portable air purifier is priced at $69.99 USD. Interested in this portable air purifier, then jump to Amazon for its more details. If you want cheaper than this, then the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is the only one that’s just right, revealed at technical event management.