AnZa Espresso Machine Using Corian Or Concrete

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The world has passed through rapid change over the past few a decades. but regardless of industry innovations, little alternate has came about around the aesthetics of espresso machines. This concept played upon the minds of san francisco bay area design studio montaag, who set out on a method to create something new. The result is the ‘Anza coffee machine’, produced in two variations: one, brutalist concrete, and the other, an fashionable white corian.

AnZa Espresso Machine Design

The AnZa is a uniquely designed and beautiful coffee system that comes in two models primarily based on exclusive substances: concrete and corian. As shown within the photographs, both espresso machines has a identical form thing, however the AnZa in concrete features a greater ambitious and rugged look layout, and all its stable white ceramic accents, metallic and brass additives are compliant to the whole design.


The AnZa in corian gives you a more stylish style described by means of its white outdoors, timber drip tray with brass grill and wooden portafilter. In the meantime, similar with the concrete coffee machine, the model in corian additionally functions brass steam knob, glass water tank and brass control plate.

AnZa Espresso Machine Features

The AnZa coffee system comes equipped with an electronic PID controller that offer consistent water temperature so that you can get a remarkable cup of coffee every time. Furthermore, the espresso maker‘s water tank has a quantity of 1.5L, and the extent of the stainless-steel boiler is 300ml with a 1350W heating element. Further, the boiler is organized above the organization head to limit temperature loss, and its intuitive control panel provides a easy and brief control experience.

AnZa Espresso Machine Price

The crowdfunding marketing campaign for AnZa is ongoing on Kickstarter. You may pledge $749 to preorder the corian or concrete coffee gadget. Each models are expected to be shipped in March 2018.