Amazon has released AWS DeepLens, a deep learning enabled smart video camera

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From Google to Snapchat, artificial intelligence is expanding the digital camera’s prowess and Amazon wants to deliver developers the hazard to find out about deep mastering and laptop imaginative and prescient. On November 29, Amazon Web services released AWS DeepLens, a video digicam designed to teach developers the way to program A.I. capabilities from stylistic transfers to recognizing a hot dog. And now, on June 14, DeepLens is to be had within the U.S. for $249.

Amazon AWS DeepLens Deep Learning Enabled Smart Video Camera Design

The AWS DeepLens is an advanced and especially customizable smart video digital camera that measures 94 x 168 x 47mm and weighs around 296.5g. As we will see from the photographs, the video digital camera suggests off a minimum and fashionable appearance design described with the support of the strong white outdoors and smooth contours. Meanwhile, the compact shape issue lets in you to effortlessly take it with you or installation it anywhere in your home.


Amazon AWS DeepLens Deep Learning Enabled Smart Video Camera Features

This new video camera comes prepared with 4MP sensor that supports 1080p video recording. Moreover, AWS DeepLens identity fully programmable the usage of AWS Lambda, and the deep learning model in DeepLens even run as a part of an AWS Lambda feature, offering a similar programming environment. Furthermore, using easy sample projects, you may without difficulty starts offevolved including extra deep learning capabilities into your AWS DeepLens consisting of object detection, classifying your food, face detection, activity recognition, and many more.

Additionally, AWS DeepLens supports any deep learning framework including TensorFlow and Caffe, and using high-performance and optimized inference engine and over 100 GFLOPS of compute power on the device, it can process deep learning predilections on HD video in real time. In addition, it can work with Amazon Alexa for voice control and more interactions with other devices.

Amazon AWS DeepLens Deep Learning Enabled Smart Video Camera Price

The AWS DeepLens deep learning enabled smart video camera is priced at $249 USD. If you are really interested in this smart video camera and want to grab it, jump to the Amazon for its more details.